Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Attack of the Ads everywhere..

I need to go into advertising. Everyday when I watch TV I think of commercials that would be much better and much funnier or more relevant that the ones I see. I've come up with tons of really good commercial ideas in my life. Some of them might not have been amazing or anything, but I know that they are better than some of the ones I see right now. And its not just commercials on TV its also ads that they send in the mail. Today I got what can only be called a mini-catalog for P&G products. But all it was was pages and pages of pictures of people smiling or with a towel on their head after stepping out if the shower with products on the bottom of the picture. The products weren't even being used in the pictures, if they hadn't had the pictures of whatever it was on the bottom I wouldn't have even know it was SUPPOSED to be an ad for P&G stuff. And all of that, all 15 pages or so was to give me a packet of cupons that was stuck on to the back. How about just sending me the cupons, or if you really feel the need to waste a ton of paper make the pictures relate to the product and maybe even put the cupons on those pages. I didn't even look at most of the pages I just took the cupons out of the back. If the cupons had been on the pages I would have looked at them.

And another thing. Why does everything on TV now have to be "brought to you by (insert thing here)"? And its everything. Just the other day my dad was watching football and the highlights were brought to us by someone. Not the whole game, not even all the highlights, just that particular highlight of that one play. Whats the point of all of this. I've never thought to myself "Gee I was going to use AT&T as my cell phone provider but now that I saw that Brett Farve's touchdown highlight was brought to me by Sprint I'll go with them instead". If I could even remember what was brought to me by who it would have the opposite effect. I'd go out of my way to buy things that weren't shoved down my throat. I feel like soon even things in my own life will be brought to me by sponsors. "This trip to the clinic brought to you today by Dr.Pepper: Taste the yumminess". Although if having things in my everyday life being brought to me by whatever would bring me a profit, I might think about it. Of course I'd make sure I only had sponsors of products that I liked. And I'd never have any pharmacutical companies bring anything on any day. Unless it was the makers of Methadose if I ever have to start paying for the clinic. But in general no drug companies. I hate those ads, its 5 seconds of what this pill does for you and 25 of what side effects you might have. And then the next one treats a side-effect of the pill that was on before that one.

In all truthfulness though I think it would be kind of fun to be in advertising, except for the part where people would hate me, but I would make the cool ones. The ones that everyone talks about and actually wants to watch. I'd make it a policy to only have 100% awesome ones. Its something I might need to look into. I'm not sure if it would be easy for me to get a job like that with everything in my past, but thats a bridge I'd cross later.

That said I guess I should go. I need to go find something else to do and whatnot.

This blog was brought to you by Philly Swirl Popsicles. Those things taste great

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